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February 10, 2009

Clannad ~after story~ episode 16 -White Darkness-

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Officially, this is going to be my first real FAILED post containing my views on this particular episode. Readers forewarn, this post will contain unnecessary spoilers for those who haven’t got the time to watch this beautiful episode. So don’t come and complain me for not reminding it beforehand =p


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The episode started with the scene at an alternate world occupied by a girl and a robot, which was created by the girl. The girl is unable to help the robot to create a contraption in order to escape the harsh condition of the alternate world instead she asked the robot to stay with her. But the robot refused to do so for the sake of both of them.

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After the OP sequence, the story focuses on Nagisa and Tomoya. Both of them managed to pull through Nagisa’s pregnancy problem thanks to Akio and Sanae’s help. At one time, Tomoya seems to be regretting for meeting Nagisa in the first place. He thought that if he haven’t met her, she will never face a terrible ordeal right now. Despite Sanae’s effort to comfort Tomoya, Tomoya still feeling down about it.

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The scene reverts back to the alternate world, the robot is working hard to build the contraption while the girl looks on with hope.

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In the real world, Nagisa and Tomoya leads a normal couple life and celebrates Christmas/Nagisa’s Birthday at the same time. Yet again, Nagisa receive her beloved “Dango” plushy from Tomoya to add to her collection. Eventhough, Tomoya mentions that it is hard to find the plushy earlier during their hospital visit but he manages to do so.

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During New Year, Okazaki’s household has been visited by their old buddies. Sunohara, Fujibayashi siblings and Kotomi managed to come. While they are catching up with each other, they talked about their old-school friends and their news. Tomoya hand in an album made by Yoshino, a Tomoya’s colleague to Sunohara. The former asked Sunohara to give the album to her sister since she’s a fan of Yoshino. During that, Sunohara asked about what it feels like to be a parent. Sunohara adds in that being a parent is something that will occur in the future but looking at Okazaki’s couple, it seems to be real. Although, Tomoya unable to answer that question. But he mentioned that he found a person that he loves and lives for her sake.

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As the conversation goes on, Kotomi mentioned that she is researching about hidden world. As Kotomi mentioned about complicated stuff about the hidden world, Tomoya simplified that the hidden world has some strong connection with the real world. As they talked, suddenly Tomoya remembered the play that Nagisa had done during her drama performance about a girl who is alone in a world (See Clannad around last episodes).

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In summarization of all the screencaps above, Tomoya seems to has some doubts in himself as Akio comforts him and promised him that he will be there if something happens. During heavy winter, Nagisa seems having troubled with her pregnancy. It seems that Nagisa has to give birth at home after all due to weather. After long last suffering from Nagisa, Tomoya and others, Nagisa safely give a birth to a baby girl called Ushio. But despite that, Nagisa seems really tired with the ordeal and finally rest in peace T_T. After that, flashback scenes occur and finally Tomoya felt that it is a mistake to met Nagisa at all.
After long last, I done with this low-quality post. I shouldn’t put it off too long. This will be the last post for livejournal and I will added this post to wordpress. Thanks forbearing it with me and see you at https://ramdeli.wordpress.com

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