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March 7, 2009

Clannad ~after story~ episode 19 -The Road Home-


Yo… minna-san. Eventhough there’s many things happening to me this week, I still try to preservere through to make a review post of this beautiful anime series not only for my self enjoyment but also to people out there who want to read an extensive review w/out actually watching it.

I felt the use of images + text is much better for reader’s understanding rather than lumped all images in one section and summary in another section. But hey, that’s my opinion. Since nobody complained except me of course so I used the format that I used till now except for Clannad ~after story~ episode 18 -The ends of the Earth- post

I hope I can catch up to the latest episode soon =D

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The episode starts with the arrival of Tomoya and Ushio from their memorable trip. While in Nagisa’s old room, Tomoya begins to feel nostalgic and remember his dear wife, Nagisa. After Sanae come in to the room, Tomoya mentioned that he is determine to take care of Ushio and thank her for everything. After that, Ushio come into the room to invite her father to play baseball with Akio. While playing, Tomoya manages to surprises Ushio by hitting the ball that Akio throws. At night, the family have a joyful dinner together.

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At night, Tomoya woke up to hear Furukawa’s couple having a conversation. They realised how significant Ushio is in their life. Sanae is really sad that they have to part with Ushio so she cried in the arms of her husband while Tomoya look on.

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In the morning, Tomoya and Ushio are off to the kindergarten. After that, he encounters housewives gossiping on him and so he clarifies the matter with them. When Tomoya come to fetch his daughter, he’s been informed that the Ushio’s teacher is on holiday so he will see the teacher next week. When Tomoya and Ushio arrive home, Tomoya has to go back to work and so Ushio is left alone for awhile. This left her time to explore the room she’s going to live in.

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Tomoya come back with things brought from Furukawa’s place. They decided to put Nagisa’s picture on a cupboard. After that, they go for a walk and encounter someone familliar. She is Ibuki Kouko, the wife of Yoshino Yuusuke. She bring along her just discharged sister, Fuuko. After that crazy antics by Fuuko happen. For more go to this link. Then at night, they eat dinner and later on sleep. While on the futon, Ushio mentions that she like the smell of her mother on the “Dango” plushy.

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The next morning, they go for a visit to Tomoya’s father place. There, they witness a person, who is Tomoya’s father is in shamble condition. As Tomoya straighten out with his father by mentioning that his father need to rest and go to Tomoya’s grandmother place to do so. Soon the talk is about how Tomoya appreciates his father’s sacrifices for him. Tomoya’s father then realized that he has actually done the job to raise his son without him realizing it. After taking a bath and cleaning Tomoya’s father place, Tomoya’s father take his leave bringing with him some money and belongings. As flashback scenes come into play, Tomoya expresses his gratitude to his dear father and promise to pay back for what he did to him. As his father’s figure getting smaller, a ball of light come from the sky and slowly approaching towards Tomoya’s chest into finally it reaches its destination. Ushio realizes it and mention about light. Tomoya thought that it is bright and bring her to a shady area. They continue to look on as the figure of a strong old man dissapear into view.


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A feel good episode in my opinion and finally the conflict between father-son which started from Clannad has been resolved peacefully. In the previous arcs, usually Tomoya is the one who can see the ball of light. This time his daughter has the ability to see it. You can expect that the ball of light will be huge significant in later episodes. From the looks of preview, the epsiode will be the same feel good episode like this episode. I hope this happy life can last forever….

So comments are gladly accepted. I hope I can post more soon because I will be busy starting next week. So stay updated, ok?


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