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March 9, 2009

Clannad ~after story~ episode 20 -Capriccio of Days with Ushio-


Welcome again! This post will cover episode 20 which airs last week. What motivates me to do a really quick update is because I will unable to do some blogging after this due to an assignment that I got next Wednesday. But safe assure that, I will post Haruhi-chan/Nyoron Churuya-san releases for that week on Friday/Saturday. While Clannad ~after story~ episode 21 will be around Thursday/Friday, so that I can cover the possible last episode of it few days after it airs. Wish me luck for that 😀 So let’s continue on reading this post!

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The episode starts in the morning at Okazaki’s place, Ushio and Tomoya eat their breakfast in preparation to go to the kindergarten. When they go there, Tomoya saw a big boar called Nabe (stew), which is actually Botan.  Then he is surprised to see Kyou is Ushio’s teacher.

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While sitting on a bench, Kyou expresses her concern to Tomoya’s predicament while adding that their friends have the same feeling. Continuing on, Kyou thinks that Ushio is a good girl and more active than her mother. While working, Yuusuke mentions that Fuuko wants to visit and play with Ushio at Tomoya’s house. During the time, when Tomoya is at work, Ushio go out late afternoon. As she walk on, finally she reached the new hospital building and look at it.

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The same night, Tomoya mention to Ushio that Fuuko will come to play with her. Ushio is happy to hear that. During bedtime, as per request by his daughter, Tomoya sing “Dango Daikazoku” song. An image of Nagisa being together with Ushio and Tomoya appear while Tomoya is sleeping. This nostalgic scene makes him shed a tear in his sleep.

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The next morning, Fuuko come to visit. For more info, click here. After sometime, Fuuko decided to play card games. While playing, Ushio describes her mother as a crybaby, who is also tried her best to give birth to Ushio and also greatly loved by her husband. Then,  Tomoya wishes that Nagisa is still here with them, playing cards together. This makes Tomoya feel sad. Seeing that, Fuuko tell Tomoya that she has free time, so Tomoya can call her anytime.

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One day, Tomoya has just been inform that there’s a sports day by Kyou at the kindergarten. At Furukawa’s place, Tomoya and Sanae discuss about it and how they can be a part of it. Suddenly Akio come in to mention that he’s in the teacher’s team for race. Akio forces Tomoya to join in the parent’s team. With Ushio’s support, Tomoya is hyped up for the race.

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As Ushio is bored waiting for her fatehr to come back, she goes for a walk. On the way, she meet Fuuko and together they walk towards the new hospital buiding. When Ushio is asked by Fuuko on why she like hospital, Ushio didn’t give logical explanation for that.

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For the sake to impress Ushio, he goes for a training regime for the sports day. But all is not well in Furukawa’s place when suddenly Ushio suddenly feel sick.


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Judging from the last part of the episode and preview, we are heading to a really sad episode. Brace for impact and keep tissues handy if your a sensitive person.

I will stop my blog for a few days due to student’s commitment. I hope that I can continue blogging this as soon as possible. So see you later, ^_^


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