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March 13, 2009

Clannad ~after story~ episode 21 -End of the World-


Finally, Its been nearly a week since it was last aired. Soon, I will post the possible last episode of Clannad ~after story~ before proceeding with a special episode and DVD special episode. Its been more a year and a half since I watch Clannad. Oops.. this rambling of mine I reserve until the very last episode of Clannad ~after story~. For now, let’s see what is this episode is store for us now…

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A doctor confirms that Ushio has the same sickness like her mother and soon Ushio’s fate will be same as Nagisa. Akio hopes that Tomoya can stay calm despite this terrible fate because Tomoya is Ushio’s father. Meanwhile in alternate world, the girl and the robot walk through the terrible weather in pursuit to go a better place.

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Due to Ushio’s circumstances, Tomoya is unable to join sports event to look after Ushio. Ushio wants her father to beat Akio. But Tomoya mentions that he is in Ushio side, so it is his duty to protect her. Feeling happy about it, Ushio feel asleep.  Then, Tomoya decided to quit his job to concentrate his time towards taking care of his daughter. Yuusuke still hopes that his friend, Tomoya will come back and work again when Ushio is well again. At Okazaki’s house, Tomoya is taking care Ushio full-time since Ushio is unable to do most things by herself anymore. When Tomoya ask his daughter her wish, Ushio wants to go on a trip but Tomoya mentions that she needs to get better first before they can go on a trip. While Ushio is sleeping, Tomoya expresses his sadness on not able to grant her daughter’s last possible wish. He thinks that the city is toying with his family but nevertheless he stills want to save Ushio no matter what.

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On another scene, Furukawa’s couple come to visit at Okazaki’s place. While Sanae is taking care of Ushio, Akio and Tomoya are going out. Akio offer himself to help Tomoya to ease his financial burden but Tomoya refused. As soon as they finish their shopping, they make their way to the new hospital building. There, they discussed how city changes affected Nagisa in the past and now affected Ushio. In Tomoya’s opinion, the city seems has a link with Nagisa and Ushio. When Akio being asked that whether the changes brings pain to the city, he answers that the city doesn’t feel much about changes in the city itself. Tomoya again questions whether people can accept death as a part of changes in their life. Akio replies that the new hospital is built bacause they don’t want to accept it.

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During Christmas season, as Tomoya look outside through the window. He see a glimpse of snowy scene before returning to the real world. Then, he tend to Ushio’s need of water. Ushio requests to go on a trip, the same place that they had gone last time which is the sunflower fields. Eventhough, Tomoya refuses to do so at first but he gives in to his daughter’s wish.

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As they walk, Ushio shows signs of difficulty to walk. At the first sign of snow, Tomoya ask whether Ushio likes snow. Ushio mentions that she likes snow and ask her father whether he likes it too. As pain memories come into Tomoya, he said that he likes it too. They continue to walk on albeit Ushio’s condition is not getting better.

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Suddenly, Ushio collapses and Tomoya manages to catch her in time. As her consciousness is fading away, she ask whether they are on the train. Tomoya replies that they are on the train already. When Ushio ask whether its already at night. Tomoya tells her that it is midnight. After Ushio’s said “I love you” to her beloved father, Tomoya replied the same words back to Ushio. After hearing her father’s words, with a smile she closes her eyes. Knowing that Ushio is gone, Tomoya shouting his daughter’s name loudly while shouting Nagisa’s name. Then, he begs somebody to save Ushio before he himself collapses.

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In the alternate world, the girl collapses with the robot tries to wake her up. While the robot questining whether they can arrive at their destination on one step or they have to walk endlessly to reach there. The girl then collapses again with the robot looks up to the sky.

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The scene is now revolve to a familiar scene, see Clannad episode 1. Tomoya thinks that things will be better if he hadn’t met Nagisa in the first place.


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The preview doesn’t give much hint for the last episode. The question among fans for this awesome anime: How is it going to end? That will be answered from that episode!

I have promised to present this post by Thursday but it seems real life stuffs seem to hinder me to do so but nevertheless, expect to receive the review post on that by Sunday the latest ^_^


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