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March 15, 2009

Clannad ~after story~ episode 22 -A Tiny Palm- (FINAL)


Finally, I manage to finish this review post before weekend ends for me. This is the final episode for the main story of Clannad ~after story~. I must said this is is the most extensive screencaps that I ever take. Almost all the moments in this episode is worth screen-capping. Don’t believe me? See this post for yourself!
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March 5, 2009

Clannad ~after story~ episode 20 -Random Fuuko Edition(final)-


Seriously, I should have done this on the weekends but again I already state my reason from my previous post. So I have no need to repeat here again. Like in clannad ~after story~ 19 post previously, this will cover the most notable scene in that particular episode. Since I like Fuuko than Kyou, so the post will focus on her. Poor thing, she only recently get her screentime. So appreciate her more please!

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February 22, 2009

Clannad ~after story~ 19 -The return of Fuuko and Preview Special-

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As the title implied above, this post will be all about Fuuko and preview in the latest episode of Clannad ~after story~ for this week. The source of my screencaps will be from  the translated of this episode which is done by [AQS-Sprocket-TWH] group. Thanks to them, I get my weekly dose of clannad early and for this post too =p. But since the source is a hard-subbed, so most of the screen caps will contains word in it. So forgive me for that. So now let’s start the show on the road!
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