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April 15, 2009

[Final Update]~A Farewell Post~

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(Thanks to Kurogane’s Anime Blog for the picture)

The title above is true. Regretfully, I’m have to halt the updates of this blog. The reason is rather generic one. I’m sure you guys already get sick hearing this but I have to said it here. I have real life commitment as a student. Having for the first time in my life to be active in my extra curriculum doesn’t help either. Extra curriculum is not compulsory in my university but I chose to do them because I don’t want to waste myself at university to study alone. This is the prime of our youths where this is the last chance, we sweat our youth and enjoy the remaining years as a young adult before going to a hectic workforce.  University life is not all about study. But hey, I’m not opposed to those who want to take their studies seriously but actually I admire them for having an objective. This is our choice. There is no right way to achieve a better future. Some people who don’t need to study much can achieve much better in the future by having certain successful factors. But still in my case, in order to retain my life as a student at the same time keep my hobbies around. I have to make sacrifices. This is one of them.
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