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April 5, 2009

Clannad ~after story~ #24 Summary -Under the Green Tree-

I just managed to post this right after struggling with one of the most ‘interesting’ subject in my current semester, ‘Programming’. This semester is really hard for me because I have started to be more active in my clubs and not to mention my social life compare to my last semesters. Sorry for the late update. This post will probably mark as the last Clannad ~after story~ review.

On another note, thank you for the comments for this blog. I never expect to receive some comments from total strangers in the Internet ^_^. I’am greatly appreciated about it and hope I can try my best in the future.!

So savour them here while you can!

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March 15, 2009

Clannad ~after story~ episode 22 -A Tiny Palm- (FINAL)


Finally, I manage to finish this review post before weekend ends for me. This is the final episode for the main story of Clannad ~after story~. I must said this is is the most extensive screencaps that I ever take. Almost all the moments in this episode is worth screen-capping. Don’t believe me? See this post for yourself!
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March 13, 2009

Clannad ~after story~ episode 21 -End of the World-


Finally, Its been nearly a week since it was last aired. Soon, I will post the possible last episode of Clannad ~after story~ before proceeding with a special episode and DVD special episode. Its been more a year and a half since I watch Clannad. Oops.. this rambling of mine I reserve until the very last episode of Clannad ~after story~. For now, let’s see what is this episode is store for us now…
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March 9, 2009

Clannad ~after story~ episode 20 -Capriccio of Days with Ushio-


Welcome again! This post will cover episode 20 which airs last week. What motivates me to do a really quick update is because I will unable to do some blogging after this due to an assignment that I got next Wednesday. But safe assure that, I will post Haruhi-chan/Nyoron Churuya-san releases for that week on Friday/Saturday. While Clannad ~after story~ episode 21 will be around Thursday/Friday, so that I can cover the possible last episode of it few days after it airs. Wish me luck for that 😀 So let’s continue on reading this post!
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March 7, 2009

Clannad ~after story~ episode 19 -The Road Home-


Yo… minna-san. Eventhough there’s many things happening to me this week, I still try to preservere through to make a review post of this beautiful anime series not only for my self enjoyment but also to people out there who want to read an extensive review w/out actually watching it.

I felt the use of images + text is much better for reader’s understanding rather than lumped all images in one section and summary in another section. But hey, that’s my opinion. Since nobody complained except me of course so I used the format that I used till now except for Clannad ~after story~ episode 18 -The ends of the Earth- post

I hope I can catch up to the latest episode soon =D
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March 5, 2009

Clannad ~after story~ episode 20 -Random Fuuko Edition(final)-


Seriously, I should have done this on the weekends but again I already state my reason from my previous post. So I have no need to repeat here again. Like in clannad ~after story~ 19 post previously, this will cover the most notable scene in that particular episode. Since I like Fuuko than Kyou, so the post will focus on her. Poor thing, she only recently get her screentime. So appreciate her more please!

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March 3, 2009

Clannad ~after story~ episode 18 -The ends of the Earth-


Sorry guys/gals for the hold up, I’ve been busy with university preparation plus lack of motivation to do this. Having slow internet due to my ISP adds into the problem too. At first I thought I would quit doing blogging stuff when my semester is started. Having lack of support for this blog also helps demoralizing me to think about this (No offense intended. My fault for not being strong enough).  But it seems that I still have some doubts on doing so, so I will go on with blogging stuffs for now. So I will do my best to keep on doing this =)

The format for my weekly clannad post will be much different than my clannad ~after story~ episode 17 and episode 16 posts. This post will be less detailed and the pictures will be lumped together just like in Random Curiosity and most blogging sites. Sorry if this seems to be uncomfortable for some people but bear it with me.

So let’s get the show on the road!
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